Podcast Launch Cheatsheet

Podcasting can seem a bit overwhelming at times – there are a lot of things to remember… and forget!

  • What kind of equipment do I need?
  • What settings should I use for my .mp3 files?
  • How do I host my podcast?
  • How do I grow my audience?

These are common questions that run through a podcaster’s mind when they are getting ready to launch a show. But have no fear! SignalLeaf is here to help with the Podcast Launch Cheatsheet!

The Podcast Launch Cheatsheet

You’ve almost got your show ready, but you still have a few questions. No problem – I’ve got a resource that will give you the answers you need to get your show launched and get it in front of the audience you want to build. 

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What’s In The Cheatsheet?

This Podcast Launch Cheatsheet will answer some of the most common questions that podcasters have:

  • Recording: What equipment do I need to record? What encoding should I use for my .mp3 files?
  • Hosting: What should I look for in a podcast hosting service?
  • Publishing: How do I get people to know about my show?

In addition to the cheatsheet, though, I’ll send you 3 additional emails (1 a day) to expand on the cheatsheet’s main points. You’ll gain new insight in to each of the cheatsheet’s topics, while still having the sheet to use as a quick reference.

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