Other Podcasters’ Resources

I have my own equipment list, my how to get started and more info on this blog. It’s the place where I’m putting toghether info from my experiences and experiments, to try and help people that are new to podcasting get up and running quickly. But there’s also a ton of other resources out there, from other podcasters. I’ve oftend looked at these blog posts and page for equipment ideas, how-to info, and more. And I wanted to share some of these so that you could also benefit from the knowledge and experience that I’ve been able to benefit from.

What Mike and Mike Can Teach You About Mics


I was watching Mike And Mike recently (with a guest host in this case, I think), and paying attention to the microphones they were using. At some point in watching them, I noticed how incredibly close they were to their mics so I snapped a couple of photos from my phone. There’s a few interesting things you can learn from watching these guys talk, to help you learn better mic position for yourself, among other things.