How to Record and Edit Your Podcast Episode, Step-By-Step


Today, I am going to show you step-by-step how to record and edit your podcast … and it’s probably going to be a lot easier than you think. For this tutorial, we are going to be using Audacity, because it is a free, multi-platform audio editing program that is also quite powerful. You can also […]

MP3 Bit Rates, File Size and Audio Quality


In a previous blog post I talked about the need for both file and audio compression on your podcasts. At the end of that post, I linked out to an article from Scott Burton on audio compression, but did not have any information on MP3 file compression at the time. Well, I have all the MP3 file compression information, along with bit rates and my own judgement on audio quality vs file size now. And you might be surprised at the results! I know I was!

Audio vs File Compression, And Why You Need Both


Bandwidth for streaming podcasts is expensive, and using it up with podcast audio that is too quiet, then too loud, then too quiet again is a giant waste of money. Fear not! Just toss in a little bit of compression and you can save money, conserve bandwidth, and please the ears of your listeners all at the same time. But… audio compression, or file compression? Wait, what’s the difference? I’m already exporting to .mp3 files, and they’re compressed, right? Yes, but that’s file compression. Audio compression is something entirely different, and is just as important. Knowing when you have enough compression of both kinds is also important, and knowing what they are and how they affect your podcast is critical.