How to Remove Background Noise With Audacity


Noise from ventilation systems, cars driving down the street, keeping yourself warm with a heater or even the hum of flourescent lighting – these are all sources of background noise that can make or break your audio quality. Having a constant hum or buzz in the background can be very distracting and cause people to turn away from your podcast. Fortunately, the Audacity audio editing app can help you get rid of the noise in a few… not quite so straight forward steps. Not to worry, though – while the 2 step process may be a little bit odd when you first see it, it is not difficult to understand or accomplish.

Episode 5 With Rob Conery: Don’t Suck

In this episode of the Signals & Leaves podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing Rob Conery – a well known software developer, blogger, screencaster and podcaster. Rob has an amazing ability to create compelling stories out of interviews and additional information that he gathers while researching a subject. He has a knack for finding what he calls “the truth” in an interview – that deep down part of the story where the person talking is lost in thought, expressing their inner-most sense of themselves in whatever they are talking about. And I was lucky enough to get Rob to share how he approaches story tellign in podcast, how he digs further for the truth of the story, and how he puts it all together to create something wonderful.

Podcast Spotlights: Pop Culture, Video Games and Being a Prepared Idiot


It’s good to be heard, to have your voice out there and share your knowledge and experience with the world. Even better is having some traffic so that you can know that you are being heard. Sharing your favorite podcasts with your friends and fellow bloggers and readers helps you become an authority on the things you love, but also helps to spread the love by giving those that deserve an audience a chance to be heard by more people.

Episode 4 With Craig McKeachie

Craig is starting up a new podcast on front-end web development and is going through all the usual steps of getting started, getting episodes recorded and getting them published. This episode was recorded live at CodeMash 2014 in a room that was full of noise from ventilation and other environmental things. I used Audacity to clean up the noise, which worked surprisingly well. There is some noise leftover during louder portions of the audio, though.

Other Podcasters’ Resources

I have my own equipment list, my how to get started and more info on this blog. It’s the place where I’m putting toghether info from my experiences and experiments, to try and help people that are new to podcasting get up and running quickly. But there’s also a ton of other resources out there, from other podcasters. I’ve oftend looked at these blog posts and page for equipment ideas, how-to info, and more. And I wanted to share some of these so that you could also benefit from the knowledge and experience that I’ve been able to benefit from.

What Mike and Mike Can Teach You About Mics


I was watching Mike And Mike recently (with a guest host in this case, I think), and paying attention to the microphones they were using. At some point in watching them, I noticed how incredibly close they were to their mics so I snapped a couple of photos from my phone. There’s a few interesting things you can learn from watching these guys talk, to help you learn better mic position for yourself, among other things.