Episode 5 With Rob Conery: Don’t Suck

In this episode of the Signals & Leaves podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing Rob Conery – a well known software developer, blogger, screencaster and podcaster.

Rob has an amazing ability to create compelling stories out of interviews and additional information that he gathers while researching a subject. He has a knack for finding what he calls “the truth” in an interview – that deep down part of the story where the person talking is lost in thought, expressing their inner-most sense of themselves in whatever they are talking about. And I was lucky enough to get Rob to share how he approaches story tellign in podcast, how he digs further for the truth of the story, and how he puts it all together to create something wonderful.

The Show

The Interview

Along the path of this interview, Rob turns the tables on me and shows how he approaches this by interviewing me about this podcast. He talks about what it’s like to keep digging and to really listen for that moment when the speaker’s voice changes – the nuance that says the speaker is finally down to the point where they are speaking from the heart of the matter.

There more to it the interview than just the art of story telling, though. We cover teaching, editing, adding dramatic pause and affecting the over-all story as well.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll also find out what Rob means when he tells you, “Don’t suck.” Don’t suck at podcasting. Don’t suck at conversations. Just don’t suck. It sounds like a rude awakening, and it may be for some. But the point he makes is tremendously valuable.