Podcast Spotlights: Pop Culture, Video Games and Being a Prepared Idiot

It’s good to be heard, to have your voice out there and share your knowledge and experience with the world. Even better is having some traffic so that you can know that you are being heard. Sharing your favorite podcasts with your friends and fellow bloggers and readers helps you become an authority on the things you love, but also helps to spread the love by giving those that deserve an audience a chance to be heard by more people.

With that in mind, I’ve got a few new podcasts that I want to share with you today. With these, you’ll pick up on some pop culture references, plenty of video games, and you may even walk away being a little more prepared for life.

The Prepared Idiot


Richard Barna is putting together a great show under the nanme The Prepared Idiot – A how-to guide for life, “Asking the dumb questions so you don’t have to!” He’s got a few episodes recorded already, but only has one up on the site and in his RSS feed, but even the prologue episode is worth a listen to get you in the mood for the great topics that he has lined up.

I’m a huge fan of this approach to teaching and engaging people. I use the tactic of asking the dumb questions, myself. If you are wondering, I guarantee someone else is wondering the same thing. Speaking up and asking the questions helps others more than you think, and Richard’s approach to his podcast is going to be great because of this.



The guys at FragCastle.com have put together a podcast to talk about their life and business as independent game developers. Having won a game development challenge sponsored by GitHub, these guys definitely know how to get a game done and released.

In the first episode, they talk about their history, where they came from, where they are goign and more. I was especially fond of the story behind the game titled “Rock Kickass”, and the stories about PAX and working on a game to demo at that event.

If you’re in to video games and indy games especially, you’ll want to check out the FragCast.

World Conquest


“Two guys talk about movies, video games, comics, nonsense, etc. Yes, it’s really that good.” :) The description says it all.

This is two guys putting together a fun, pop-culture, video game filled podcast and it’s a ton of fun. The first episode provides a little bit of background on the hosts – cousins that developed their own little language to talk to each other. They go in to a lot of talk about video games – everything from Contra to Metal Gear and Guitar Hero.

If you’re looking for an entertaining podcast that brings back memories from childhood video games and movies, you’ll want to check this one out.

More To Come

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