Other Podcasters’ Resources

I have my own equipment list, my how to get started and more info on this blog. It’s the place where I’m putting toghether info from my experiences and experiments, to try and help people that are new to podcasting get up and running quickly. But there’s also a ton of other resources out there, from other podcasters. I’ve oftend looked at these blog posts and page for equipment ideas, how-to info, and more. And I wanted to share some of these so that you could also benefit from the knowledge and experience that I’ve been able to benefit from.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman is a well known software developer and technologist, and is a host of several podcasts that I know and love, including:

If you’re in to technology and/or software development, you should check out the podcasts that Scott hosts. They’re great.

He also has a great blog posts about the equipment, software, process and services that he uses for his podcats, titled:

How to start your first podcast – equipment, editing, publishing and more

The title says it all, really – if you want to know what Scott uses and how he works, check out this post. It is full of equipment recommendations, quick tips and ideas that will help you get things up and running pretty quickly.

Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is known as the Podcast Answerman for a good reason. His podcast, podcast tutorials, courses and other information have become one of the defacto-standards in the podcasting industry. If you’re not familiar with Cliffs work, you need to check it out. He has a great list of equipment, videos, tips and other resources all over his site, including:

And be sure to check out Cliff’s podcast which is a wealth of knowledge and information on all things podcasting.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, blog and other resources are a place that I like to go when I’m looking for information on running and growing a small business. His podcast episodes and blog posts have provided a lot of inspriation for me and ideas for figuring out what I’m doing with SignalLeaf, and more.

In addition to his podcast on small business, Pat has a great resources page that lists not only info about podcasting, but about small business and services that he uses and recommends for online business and blogging.

For his recommendations and tutorials on how to get started in podcasting, checkout his page:

How to Start a Podcast – Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial

This page covers podcasting with a series of videos and other links to podcasting resources, including Pat’s podcast equipment list in video #1.

Ray Ortega

Ray Ortega runs The Podcasters’ Studio as well as The Podcasters’ Roundtable. If you’re a podcaster, or want to become one, you should be looking at what Ray is producing.

Ray’s Podcasters’ Roundtable is a great format where he gets multiple podcasters together on Google+ to discuss thoughts on specific podcasting topics, often leading to debates and disagreements – though always professional and courteous. If you’d like to hear a wide range of opinions and debates on podcasting topics, you should check out the Podcasters’ Roundtable.

Ray’s other podcast, The Podcasters’ Studio, focuses on all things podcasting. He shares his experience and knowlege so, and offers tips on how to get your podcast to the next level. This is one podcast you don’t want to miss, when you have yours up and running and you want to know what the pros are doing to keep things running smoothly.

Check out Ray’s recommended gear and his podcasts, here:

What Resources Do You Pay Attention To?

I know there are a ton of other great resources out there – including some that I’ve looked at but am not listing here. I’d love to hear what your favorite reosources are. Drop a comment below and link back to your site’s equipment list, your podcast tips, and your favorite resources from your favorite podcasters!