Prepare, Produce, Publish: Stop Waiting and Start Podcasting!

You want to start a podcast. You’ve got something to say, and you know that people want to hear it. So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time, waiting for the right mic or the right co-host!

With nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection, you can join the new media revolution and publish your voice, your thoughts and your opinions to the world!


Publish Your First Podcast, TODAY

Today. I mean, today! With my e-book, “Prepare, Produce, Publish: Your First Podcast In 3 Easy Steps!”, you will be up and running and have your first episode published in no time at all!

This book is all about getting you started in the world of podcasting – from the equipment that you need (and don’t need!) to using Audacity for recording your first episode, and how to publish your podcast through a hosting service, this book covers it all for for the new podcaster.


This e-book, which would cost $10 if you decide to buy it, can be yours for free by signing up for the SignalLeaf mailing list!

In addition to this informational and step-by-step guide to publishing your first podcast, you’ll get updates and news from the podcasting world. From blog posts, to tips and tricks, from podcasters and professionals to those that are just starting out, you’ll hear all the latest news right here.

A Work In Progress

This ebook is currently a work in progress. That means it is not yet complete, but it still provides a ton of value as-is. That also means that you, dear podcaster, get to purchase the book at a discounted price! Better hurry, though… this discount won’t last forever! Once I’ve got the book completed, the price will jump!

In addition to getting it cheaper, you will also get all of the updates, free! As soon as I publish an update to the book you will have it available in your downloads, guaranteed. That means you’ll get all of the step by step instructions, tips and tricks to publish your podcast as I write them!

Get Your Podcast Published

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