Episode 3: Tips On Podcast With Podcaster, John Sonmez

In this episode, I have the pleasure of interview my friend and fellow podcaster, John Sonmez from SimpleProgrammer.com. We talk about his podcast at GetupAndCode.com – a podcast that combines fitness and programming – and dig in to his lessons learned, success and failures in podcasting. It’s a great episode full of useful tips for those that are just starting as well as those that have already started to get on a roll with a podcast.

Podcast Pro-Tip

Use the “clap trick” to sync separate tracks recorded from different computers. One person counts to 3, and on 3, everyone in the podcast claps. Then you can sync the separate audio tracks to the clap at the beginning.

Listen to the first minute of the episode for a demonstration of this technique!

Show Notes

Niche-down to find your target audience – don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Coordination with cohost requires planning and commitment

  • have a backup episode in case you can’t make it for some reason
  • decide on a release cadence that you can handle, and stick with it no matter what

Don’t wait for perfect. Get something done and released

Nerves are expected when you start

  • it’s new
  • it’s different
  • that’s ok
  • you will improve over time

Mistakes happen – move on

  • it’s a conversation between you and the host / guest
  • keep the content focused and relevant
  • just relax and have fun

You know something others don’t

  • if it’s just your experience and perspective
  • your perspective is valuable

Being new gives you a very valuable perspective

  • share your fears and mistakes with others
  • build the audience of people that are also new
  • help others learn with you

John’s 3 lessons for someone just starting:

  1. Streamlining: get all the infrastructure prep work (logo, domain name, blog, etc) done before you start recording. Start out professionally, with intro music, logo, etc (checkout fiverr.com for stuff like this)
  2. Understand the process before you start. Practice by recording yourself and working through the process before you produce a real podcast. iTunes will not host your episodes (see blog.signalleaf.com for info on this)
  3. Set up process, with consistency, ahead of time. Don’t be left hanging after you record your first episode. You need to be consistent in order to grow a returning audience.

Have Your Own Tips To Share?

If you have a podcast, then yes, you have lessons learned and info to share with a growing audience. I want to interview you on the Signals And Leaves podcast!

So, get in touch and let me know you want to be on the show!