Episode 2: The Mic Positioning And Room Are More Important

Do you think the quality of the microphone is going to make or break your podcast? If you do, I’d like to show you that it won’t. And if you already don’t, then why are you still obsessed with getting “the right mic”? Is it just another excuse to not start that podcast?

In Episode 2 of the Signals And Leaves podcast, I’ll show you how the room your in, and the positioning of the mic, will have far more impact on the quality of the recording that you are getting.

Show Notes

As you can hear in this episode, having a quality mic does make a difference in the audio recording. But that is not the most important thing when you’re starting your podcast. You would be better served to find the right room in which to record, than to go out and spend money on a top quality mic.

Now that doesn’t mean a quality mic doesn’t make a difference. You will hear the difference in this episode. But you’ll also hear the difference between an office, an ultra-echoy bathroom, and a closet with near-perfect sound.

Having a good position for your microphone is also of importance, and can make a huge difference even if you have a quality mic to start with. At the end of the episode, I’ll give you several examples of good and bad mic positioning.

Show Highlights

  • Don’t worry about the quality of mic
  • Worry about the room you’re recording in
  • Worry about the microphone positioning
  • Wait until you have a few episodes under your belt before buying a quality mic

When you are ready to buy, I highly recommend the Rode Podcaster. This is the mic I use, and I love it. This is the industry standard for podcasting and screencasting. You can’t go wrong with the Rode Podcaster.

If you need high quality for a little less money, though, the Blue Yeti is also a great podcast microphone. I know a lot of people that use this one, and it’s a great mic.

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