Welcome! And Episode 1 of Signals and Leaves

Welcome to the new SignalLeaf blog! Consider this the obligatory “hello world!” blog post for the new blog: Signals And Leaves. Read on for a little bit of info on what SignalLeaf is, what it provides, and what I’ll be doing with the Signals And Leaves podcast and blog!

About SignalLeaf

SignalLeaf is a small, but growing podcast audio hosting service. Other podcast hosts want to up-sell you on features like content management, advertising inserts, specialized podcasting apps, and other bits that you won’t need. SignalLeaf is different in that I focus solely on four critical features that you need for your podcast:

  1. .mp3 file hosting
  2. RSS feed generation for podcast subscribers
  3. Bandwidth for streaming episodes to your listeners
  4. Traffic and analysis reports

This pin-point focus on the services that SignalLeaf offers means you are free to build a website that fits your needs, without worrying about whether or not your podcast will fit in to it. You can use any platform and any tools to build your site, and embed podcast episodes from SignalLeaf, with ease!

Already have a blog or a site? Setting up a blog with WordPress or Tumblr? Building a site on your own, using the tools and skills that you already posess will not stop you from adding a podcast. Just grab the emded code or host the episode in your own media player on your site!

When you’re ready to get started with the easiest way to host your podcast audio and RSS feed, head over to SignalLeaf.com and sign up for you free trial!

About The Blog

Signals And Leaves is a blog about podcasting, building and running a podcasting service, and everything that entails. You’ll hear tips and tricks for podcasting. You’ll find podcast episodes that SignalLeaf hosts and produces. You’ll get pointers to the right equipment, and see a lot of other bits about hosting, producing and making the most of a podcast.

Subscribe to the blog RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in podcast audio hosting, tips and tricks, and other information to keep you on the forefront of podcasting!

About The Podcast

In addition to this being a blog, I’m also running a podcast by the same name: Signals And Leaves. I’ve only recorded one episode so far, but will be recording and publishing additional episodes, soon.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast through the RSS feed directly, or subscribe through iTunes to hear the latest on what’s happening with SignalLeaf.